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About Child Anxiety Mom

We parents all want our kids to have happy childhoods. But sometimes, providing that blissful, carefree start to a good life can be a real challenge. One of my greatest challenges was the strong anxiety that my kids had.

Being an anxious child is no fun. It seems to take a lot of the joy away from life, and it can have some really bad consequences if it goes on untreated and the child does not grow out of it.

I was sort of an anxious kid myself growing up, as I recall. I was lucky: I outgrew it. But when it became clear to me that my son had some really terrible anxiety issues, I knew I had to do something.

I read books, I talked to teachers, I tried some approaches that I thought of myself. And sure, my son made some progress in some areas of anxiety. In others areas, the anxiety got worse as the months went by.

I was about ready to send him to a child psychologist, which was really my last resort – those therapists can be expensive, and the result is not guaranteed. As it turned out, I didn’t have to take that step. My husband and I were able to help our son get rid of his anxiety once and for all within a few months after we found a method that worked.

When our daughter showed signs of the same problem, we knew what to do, and she was free of her anxiety after a couple of weeks or so.

I want as many parents as possible to be aware that anxiety in children can be taken care of – and it isn’t even hard! That’s why I have made this little site about child anxiety.

Read the full story here: How I helped my kids break free from child anxiety.

Please note: Nowhere on this site do I reveal my kids’ names. Our privacy is important to me. But you can contact me on ann.clarice.henderson [at] gmail.com

I wish you the best of luck in freeing your kids from child anxiety! It can be done!

Hugs, Ann (The Child Anxiety Mom!)

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