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Childhood anxiety

Here are some things I learned about childhood anxiety. Please keep in mind that I’m not a trained professional – I’m just a mother with some experience with an anxious son and daughter. This is not medical advice!

Childhood anxiety is one of the conditions that can ruin a childhood – and a whole life if it goes untreated.

Of course, having some anxiety is normal, and we all experience that. It’s when the anxiety starts to dominate the child’s thoughts and behavior that it becomes a real problem that should be treated.

Childhood anxiety disorder is not usually considered a medical diagnosis, but it can be useful to look at it as one. It takes many different forms in children, and some of the symptoms are listed here.

The most common symptoms are too strong shyness, fear of being separated from the parents, excessive worry, social withdrawal, tension and stress, and sleep disturbances.

There are many different varieties of childhood anxiety, but most of them can be successfully treated. In some kids, the anxiety seems to disappear after they learn ways to deal with it. In others, the anxiety remains, but is reduced in strength.

It can be very important to treat childhood anxiety, because there’s a chance that the child may not outgrow the anxiety and could struggle with it as an adult as well. Some therapists feel that anxiety in children is easier to treat successfully than adult anxiety.

Excessive anxiety has negative effects on all aspects of life, and that is true for children as well as for adults. The joy of life while growing up can be overwhelmed by the almost constant feelings of anxiety and worry. Anxious kids can have trouble making friends, and may have unnecessary problems with their school work.

If the childhood anxiety goes untreated, it may stay with the child to adulthood. It may then become difficult to treat, because the brain has functioned in its “anxious state” for years.

Adult anxiety can take many forms, all of them putting a damper on a normal life and sometimes keeping the person from functioning normally in society.

Anxiety that is treated with therapy that teaches the child to handle the feelings when they come and in time reduce the intensity of the anxious feelings can be very beneficial. There’s a good chance that the anxiety either disappears completely or that the method to deal with it gets so ingrained to the child that it becomes part of them and a part of who they are.

That’s one of the reasons it is so important to treat childhood anxiety as early as possible. The way that worked for me and my kids is The Anxiety-Free Child program.

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